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I am a real entrepreneur with a cause, a self-taught marketer with an eclectic mix of marketing and entrepreneurial experiences. I have over 22 years’ experience as an online entrepreneur and have been in business for over 25 years. I have had a varied and somewhat controversial career which began in 1997 when I seized an opportunity to enter the adult entertainment industry. At the height of my success I was living with my wife and first son in the Bahamas, enjoying my millionaire status from over 32,000 websites.

In 2002, having dramatically lost everything during a progressive move to increase business. Bankrupt and desperate to re-gain my status, I moved back to the UK. My marital break-up and even a subsequent prison sentence could not make me lose my resolve. In recent years I have emerged like the phoenix from the ashes of my former career, rebuilding my Internet business and re-inventing myself with hard work, dedication and with some inspired creative product making.

Dedicated to my business goals I am currently an author, publisher, marketer and public speaker with a team of loyal people behind me. I am a born entrepreneur.  My international public speaking appearances include; Many UK seminars, Tokyo Japan, Saint Maarten Caribbean, Hong Kong and many more. I also create and present my own training workshops throughout the UK.

My book “Rebel Entrepreneur: Porn, Paradise, Pot, Prison” released in September 2013 charts my experiences in life and business. I have two more books coming out soon titled “The Digital Money Revolution” and “Real Entrepreneur”.

I have learned as much in my entrepreneurial life from my mistakes as I have my successes. I have also learned that success is not all about money, success is what you want it to be.

Enough about me, what I really love to do is help others with their lives and businesses. So I launched EntrepreneurAction.tv and EntrepreneurAction.com with a mission of helping as many people as I can. Seeing others succeed is a win win.

I’m all about being real, I have no time for B.S.! Way too much bad, self-serving advice is given to many people, I aim to change that!

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